The project area’s existing native woodland extends to approximately 4,000 hectares – roughly 6.5% of the total land area. Much of this comprises of small, scattered fragments found along the area’s coastal fringes. Due to their small size most native woodlands are not designated, but offer considerable potential for protection and expansion to improve their connectivity and resilience.

Scattered along the lower edges of the coast, lochs and lochans, up gullies and in places sheltered from the sometimes dramatic elements the area experiences, lie some beautiful, species rich woodlands, but many are in need of protection and enhancement if they are to both survive and thrive into the future.

The aims of this project were to:

  • Protect the existing native woodland fragments in the area;
  • Facilitate expansion through encouraging native regeneration and where appropriate the planting of native species, with suitable protection of the form of fencing, and;
  • Promote the connection of woodland fragments thereby providing habitat corridors for woodland and associated species.

As well as delivering environmental benefits the project looked at the practical benefits that woodland can provide:

  • Shelter – from the elements for people, wildlife and stock.
  • Fuelwood – a local sustainable and environmentally friendly option.
  • Orchards – support for establishing community orchards.
  • Wildlife – shelter, food and habitat network linkage.

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Although the CALLP Woodland Expansion project has come to an end Elaine MacAskill continues as Woodland Manager with the Woodland Trust, and can be contacted at


Our Woodland Expansion project is featured as a Project in Progress on the Alliance for Scotland’s Rainforest (ASR) website. ASR is a voluntary partnership of over 20 organisations, including Scottish Wildlife Trust, CALLP’s lead partner, that are committed to collaborative action for the benefit of Scotland’s rainforests. You can find out more about ASR at .

This short video will tell you more about the importance of our rainforests, and how you can help.


Project timeline

Key contacts

Elaine Macaskill
CALLP Woodland Manager


Woodland Trust Scotland recently shared some information with the community about plans to regenerate Eisg Brachaidh Estate. In response we have been asked for more information on the subject. We

Invitation to Tender for Fencing Works

Woodland Trust Scotland is inviting tenders for deer fencing at Eisg Brachaidh. For more details please see the invitation to tender document available for download below: WT_ITT_Final EB boundary Fencing

October Monthly Volunteer Day

Autumn seems to of come around so fast this year! A beautiful crisp day with on off showers meant we had a rainbow for most of the session! [caption id=”attachment_3922″


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