Coigach and Assynt Living Landscape (CALL) is one of the larger landscape-scale restoration projects in Europe, covering 635 square kilometres, included within a 40-year vision. The project area is blessed with some of the most dramatic and instantly recognisable landscapes in the British Isles, and within these some of the rarest and most endangered habitats.

The Coigach and Assynt Living Landscape Partnership Scheme (CALLP) was a five-year National Lottery Heritage Funded project comprising 14 Partner organisations, of which the Scottish Wildlife Trust was the lead partner. CALLP was a mechanism for delivering outputs of the CALL 40-year vision.

The Partnership comprises community land-owners, community interest groups, charitable land-owners, private land-owners and charitable membership organisations. The eclectic group of organisations involved represent and reflect the unique heritage and structure of land ownership and management present in this part of the Highlands.

Collectively, these Partners committed to delivering a Scheme comprising over 30 individual projects between September 2016-2021.

CALLP Partners © Mark Foxwell

The Heritage Lottery Fund’s Landscape Partnership Scheme programme (now closed) identified nine outcomes which the scheme’s collective projects needed to achieve:

Heritage is:

  • better managed;
  • in better condition and;
  • identified / recorded.

People have:

  • developed skills;
  • learnt about heritage and;
  • volunteered time.


  • have reduced environmental impacts;
  • are more engaged with heritage and;
  • the area will be a better place to work, live and visit.