Tree of the Month!

Just in case you missed our tree of the month posts from June, we would like to introduce you to the lovely Wych Elm. Last month we were out collecting seed, found inside their winged fruit before the wind whisked them away!             The once dominant English elm descended from just a few elm trees

Tree of the Month!

Just in case you missed any of our Tree of the Month Facebook posts from March, we have put them all together in this blog. Each month we pick one of the native trees we grow at Little Assynt Tree Nursery and tell you a bit about them. We’re big fans of aspen here.  It is one of our most

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It’s exciting times at the tree nursery! Our trees are being sold and are off to put down roots in their new homes. The beginnings of spring are starting to show and seeds have been sown. Now you can keep track of what is going on at Little Assynt by visiting our new Facebook page, featuring latest news and events.

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