A-Z of Nature

Identify things in nature and write them down to help with writing skills and spelling. This can be carried out by writing and drawing or by simply taking a walk and playing a nature eye spy version paying attention to the senses and detail of the natural object that you find. Could be linked in with The Lost Words Activity.

Explore Like a Victorian

It was during the Victorian period that many plants and animals were given the names we now use to label them. Imagine you have travelled back in time and you find yourself in the late 1800s; the time when this was all happening. Like famous nature explorer, John Muir, you are setting off to discover the natural world and name

Feeling Gauge – Reflection Activity

Based on the children’s film “Inside Out”. Discuss each character and their emotion, what the word means and different ways and sensations that express that feeling. Can be used for reflection at the start and end of sessions

John Muir Quotes Activity

Explore quotes famously said by John Muir. Have a group discussion and use tablet/pens/paper creatively to express thoughts, feelings and reflections regarding the questions asked.

Path Work Exploration

Activity to explore paths and why maintenance of them is important. A great one to explore a variety of curriculum links that apply to local environment and our place in it. Can be adapted to suit younger age groups.

The Four Challenges – Exploring the John Muir Award

A resource for anyone working towards their John Muir Award. Go through each of the Four Challenges in turn. Consider the questions asked. Write down thoughts and ideas on the relevant colour sticky note and stick it in the relevant area of the A3 worksheet.

The Lost Words Activity

This activity has been created to engage with The Lost Words book by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris, which was created in response to the removal of nature words from the Oxford Children’s Dictionary. It can be combined with the activities: Nature’s Opposites and Explore Like a Victorian for a full day session, or series of themed sessions around literacy

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