Coigach & Assynt Living Landscape Partnership (CALLP) has several heritage projects that have increased the understanding of local heritage.  The Partnership has also created greater links between the area’s historic and natural heritage and the tourist organisations of Coigach and Assynt.

This project aims to highlight this heritage for both Coigach & Assynt on a specially designed map, to be published as a leaflet. Key features highlighted on the map will havewaymarkers on the ground to encourage people to discover some of the most special sites in the area, and there will also be interpretation panels (example design below) and a website link.


A researcher, Seoras Burnett, was appointed to work with the local community to identify the best places to highlight, and the best sites for waymarkers and gather the information for the panels.

The project will help local people and visitors to the area to discover more about its fascinating heritage, and promote it more widely. It will link with  another CALLP project, the Landscape Routes app, and  all helping people to navigate, understand and enjoy our landscape, wildlife and history better.



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