This is a good follow up to tree identification learning.

1.       Go through each leaf print out with the group to ensure they know which tree species the leaf belongs to.

2.       In an open space lay out each tree leaf print out, keeping them all as separate as possible.

3.       Give the group a chance to have a look at where each tree leaf is.

4.       One (or more) person is selected as “it”.

5.       The leader states to the group “You’re only safe if you are with a…” followed by a tree species name, e.g. “… birch leaf”.

The group try to reach the correct leaf before they are tagged. Those who are tagged are either out or join the tagger to help him/her tag the rest (depending on what is deemed most suitable)


This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: You're Only Safe If Tree Leaf ID Game