Clachtoll Broch – the ranger hut will allow us to interpret the fascinating history of this Iron Age broch for visitors

The aim of this project is to replace the ranger hut at Clachtoll with a structurally sound building with a larger display area to house a wider range and more in-depth interpretation of the natural, cultural, and built heritage of Clachtoll and the wider area in general.

In particular, it will house accessible interpretation for Clachtoll Broch to complement the interpretation at the broch site and provide information for people who cannot access the site for a range of reasons, including mobility issues and weather on the day.

The project will also improve visitors’ and locals’ knowledge of the wildlife in the area and encourage them to protect it. The project will highlight ground nesting birds in the area and help encourage footpath users to avoid disturbing the birds in the breeding season.

Work began on the new hut in mid-March 2022, with completion due by the end of March.

Clachtoll Ranger Hut before – and during its replacement. c. Boyd Alexander/Scottish Wildlife Trust

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