What better way to start the year than to take a wander in Culag woods and do a bit of maintenance as we go. We strolled off to try and protect trees that were planted by the primary school kids a few years ago. All are growing strong but unfortunately the tree guards are now too short, and the deer are eating the trees over the top! So, we thought we would give them an extension and allow the trees time and space to recover! Using branches from the wood and left-over mesh from the original guards, we constructed a second level of protection.

Teamwork! © V Campen/ Scottish Wildlife Trust

It turned out to be particularly fiddly work, getting reusable cable ties through the layers and around the post, especially with cold fingers! You probably can’t notice from the photo (as they are so smiley!) but it was a pretty wet and windy day, even in the protection of the trees. Everyone worked together to make sure each tree was adequately protected, and we were pleased with the results.

Job Well Done! © V Campen/ Scottish Wildlife Trust

After a job well done, we walked back to the cabin for coffee and biscuits. Our plan was to litter pick as we walked but gladly, we didn’t see any! The preschool children are doing a fantastic job, litter picking and beach cleaning on a regular basis as they have their outdoor classes in the woods.

Thank you to the volunteers that braved the weather for a few hours, fantastic job! Our next monthly meeting will be the 27th February. Please get in touch if you would like to join then or know of more volunteering opportunities within CALL vcampen@coigach-assynt.org.

© V Campen/ Scottish Wildlife Trust


Coigach & Assynt Living Landscape

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