We’re pleased to announce that Ramblers Scotland have awarded Coigach & Assynt Living Landscape £10,000 towards the repair work on the Postie’s Path.

Danny Carden of Ramblers Scotland came to walk a section of the Postie’s Path on a walk led by Michelle Henley of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, the delivery partner organisation for this project.

Danny said: “It’s been incredible today to get the chance to walk a section of the Postie’s Path and to learn more about its rich history and its exciting future thanks to this restoration project. We experiences some of the challenges on the route at the moment, and it just emphasised the importance of getting more, good quality paths on the ground here in Scotland, one of the key aims of our Out There campaign. That’s why we’re so happy to be able to award £10,000 towards the Postie’s Path and help more people enjoy this very special place.”

Boyd Alexander, Coigach & Assynt Living Landscape Partnership Scheme Manager, said: “The Postie’s Path now is actually just from Blughasaray to Culnacraig. It’s just over 13 kilometres but it’s quite a challenging walk so it needs work and it needs waymarking. We’ll identify areas which are particularly boggy or areas where there is braiding, or also the bridges which maybe are falling apart.”

Mark Foxwell, Scottish Wildlife Trust North of Scotland Reserves Manager, said: “It’s a long route. It’s a real wild route and parts of it are in a bit of a state, so it needs further work. We need more folk to come and visit and experience it. It’s a bit out of the way but when you get here, I think people think it’s well worth it. It’s a fantastic landscape and this path is part of a bigger package to try and encourage more people to come and enjoy this part of the world.”

Learn more about Ramblers Scotland’s Out There campaign here.


Coigach & Assynt Living Landscape

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