Sometimes a session has to be altered or rescheduled due to inclement weather. Today it was forecast to blow a hoolie… we revised the plan (no pens and paper, cardboard resources etc, just our warm-clothing-and-waterproof-wrapped bodies written in) and tentatively met at Achiltibuie Primary School before making the final decision on whether to head out. We discussed our thinking with the group and talked about keeping ourselves safe, and with everyone’s approval after assessing the conditions, we ventured off to Acheninver beach. This session had been aptly revised to theme sensory exploration of the weather! We challenged ourselves to get windswept and investigated how it felt, choreographed dances to warm up, tasted the rain and described its palate, mimicked the sounds we could hear, identified the smells of wind and rain, and appreciated the things that caught our attention. It was great fun, and a good way to tie in literacy with direct experience. As we headed back to the bus at an earlier time than in the original plan, the wind picked up and the heaven’s really opened, phew! Being sensibly attired, respectful of natural conditions and making informed decisions, we had a great day together outdoors.

Getting windswept! © Katrina Martin/Scottish Wildlife Trust
Getting windswept! © Katrina Martin/Scottish Wildlife Trust
Tasting the rain © Katrina Martin/Scottish Wildlife Trust
Tasting the rain © Katrina Martin/Scottish Wildlife Trust

Coigach & Assynt Living Landscape

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